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Podern Times is home to news, reviews, interviews, and how-tos from the wonderful world of podcasting. Our mission is to not only bring you the latest from this medium, but to support the industry as a whole, from service providers and indie creators, to critics and hosts.

Our team of dedicated writers have been members of the podcast family for many years. Some of you will know them from their individual podcasts, or as writers and critics within the industry, and we have all come together with the common goal of supporting you.

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The Team


dohai profile pic

Dõhai is co-founder and EIC of Podern Times.

Since falling in love with podcasts back in 2015 Dōhai decided to begin writing on the subject. He soon found himself trying his hand at acting, Black Bart in The Drift and Ramble Podcast, and more recently writing, with Diary of a Madman season 2 Set for launch Oct 31st 2018.

“Creating Podern Times is my way of giving back to this wonderful community.”



Pacifc AvatarPacific Obadiah is co-founder and EIC of Podern Times.

Pacific debuted in the audio drama community in the beginning of 2016 with his audio drama Lake Clarity. From there he’s gone on to work on other podcasts like The White Vault, Creepy, Aftershocks, The Enoch Saga, The Alexandria Archives, What’s The Frequency, and many more. While he focuses on creating soundscapes, sometimes he also writes, acts, directs, and tweets – a lot.



Lex logo_1@2xLex Scott is editor and contributor for Podern Times.

Lex is a professional writer of both fiction and nonfiction from New Zealand. Though experienced with copy writing and social media marketing, he’s mostly known for his work in fantasy, retro sci-fi, and superhero web series; and of course his flagship film noir Reggie’s Case Files. You can find this show and more at https://lexscottwriter.wixsite.com/portfolio

When not writing you’ll find him at his local movie theater, telling everyone about his latest obsession.



podcake aviMy name is Makaila Johnson, better known as PodCake, and I’ve been partaking in journalism for three years with plans to take it on as a career someday. I specialize in handling reviews and literary criticism articles and my focus is independently produced fictional content, varying from web comics to vloggers with my primary focus being audio drama. Though I take my writing seriously, I do subscribe to an aesthetic of fluffy, dreamland inspired cuteness with an emphasis on pinks, pastels, and deserts.

My drive and passion centers on getting my thoughts out there for artists like myself just looking for a little bit of publicity and collaboration and helping them earn the audience I feel like they deserve. My editorials are thorough, my reviews are rarely less than a thousand or more words, and my passion runs deep for all things creative and cute.



alex telander avi

Alex C. Telander is the creator and writer of the Ostium Podcast.

Alex started writing as a teenager, and has penned a number of novels and numerous short stories. For ten years he ran Bookbanter, a site and blog of book reviews and author interviews. He has self-published two short story collections, Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers and In That Quiet Earth, as well as a young adult novel, Kyra: The First Book of Enchantus. His short story, “My Dark Genesis,” was published in the anthology, These Vampires Still Don’t Sparkle. For info and updates on Alex, you can follow him on Twitter: @bookbanter.



nullChad Ellis is the creator of the Isolation Horror podcast, Station Blue.

He spent most of his life attempting and failing to avoid the creative world, from stage acting to painting. In a recent series of strange and unusual events he accidentally wound up in Los Angeles where an unlikely mentor took him through a back alley MFA writing program. He has since embraced the life of a starving artist and spends all of his free time and money working on Audio Drama.



matthew william avatarAuthor of the Enoch Saga series, which has been adapted as an audio drama by Midnight Disease, for whom he works as head writer.

Matthew William grew up in the woods of Pennsylvania, reading the works of Philip K. Dick, Arthur C. Clarke and other science fiction writers with abbreviations for middle names.

Currently he lives in Sweden and keeps himself occupied with podcasting, expanding his fiction library and spending time with his wife and two cats.